Where We Ship

Horizon Lines Full Service Map
  • Alaska Anchorage, Kodiak,
    Dutch Harbor

Building bridges.

As an American carrier serving offshore domestic markets, Horizon Lines has always been driven by a commitment to our partners and fellow citizens living and operating in Alaska.

Horizon Lines’ knowledgeable, dedicated associates have a deep understanding of the unique needs of each region, along with a shared commitment to providing immediate, personal service and creative problem-solving across the Alaska trade lane.

We know what’s at stake, so we always do everything in our control to ensure the consistent on-time delivery of food, clothing, medicine and other goods. Clear, proactive client communication is essential.

Sailing Schedules by Tradelane (in PDF)

The Jones Act: What is it and why should I care?

The Merchant Marine Act of 1920 was introduced by US Senator Wesley Jones from Washington, and signed by President Woodrow Wilson. Commonly known as the Jones Act, the law states that all cargo sailing from one US port to another, either directly or via a foreign port, must sail on a vessel that is US crewed, owned and built.

By ensuring US-based handling of domestic cargo sailing between the mainland and the three non-contiguous locations, namely Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico, the Jones Act:

  • Allows for a well paid, educated, and all-American merchant mariner force;
  • Supports US shipyards as well as the national maritime industry as a whole;
  • Provides long-term service and rate stability, while encouraging investment in domestic port infrastructure;
  • Contributes to maintaining homeland security.