Hazardous Materials

HazardousHorizon Lines’ proven expertise in HazMat compliance and reliability comes with the added value of complimentary training, expert guidance and innovative tools. 

Our dedicated HazMat team of seasoned professionals has over 50 years combined experience, most of which has been with Horizon Lines. They are true industry experts, relied upon by our customers for guidance.  

Horizon Lines is committed to proactive risk mitigation for the protection of all customers. Our systems automatically flag hazardous shipments when booked to identify potential issues before any people or goods are exposed to danger. 

Another way we help customers help themselves is through our complimentary hazardous compatibility eTool HazCaptain, available at www.HazCaptain.com. HazCaptain gives customers 24/7 access to  instantly verify the compatibility of hazardous materials being shipped together. 

As the leading ocean carrier with HazMat shipping expertise in the Alaska market, we help our customers stay in compliance with government transportation agencies as well as Horizon Lines’ own shipping policies. 

We also provide intermodal logistics integration to ensure the safe and secure transport of dangerous goods from origin to destination via truck, rail and ocean. 

Examples of Hazardous Cargo:

  • Flammable Liquids 
  • Chemicals & Aerosols
  • Vehicles 
  • Consumables

On our Forms and Documents page you'll find links to our online hazardous shipping forms.

On our Resources page you'll find links to hazardous shipping instructions and information.