VesselsHorizon Lines maintains a fleet of 7 fully Jones Act qualified vessels that are used to serve the domestic trades between the continental US and Alaska.  Our fleet has the fastest ships which constitute the most viable means of ocean transportation in the domestic market.  These ships allow us to maintain an on-time, reliable schedule despite the rough seas and complex shipping conditions we may encounter.

Our containerships, like all ships, go into drydock periodically – in most cases twice every five years – for required underwater surveys of the hull, hull components and propeller. The underwater portion of the hull is usually painted and all required repairs are completed. During this drydock period, the engines, turbines and boilers are shut down for survey, repair and modernization. Routine drydockings can significantly prolong the life and viability of a ship.

Fleet Details

D7 Class C8 Class

D7 Class

The D7 class vessels were built in Sturgeon Bay and operate primarily in our Alaska tradelane.


  • Horizon Anchorage (AZ)
  • Horizon Kodiak (KO)
  • Horizon Tacoma (TW)

C8 Class

Our C8 class vessels were built in Sparrows Point, MD and Pascagoula, MS.


  • Horizon Navigator (NV)
  • Horizon Trader (TO)
C7 Class SL18 Class

C7 Class

Our C7 vessel, the Horizon Discovery (DI), was built in Chester, PA.

SL18 Class

Our Horizon Producer (PD) was built in Sparrows Point, PA.