EDI Capabilities

Horizon Lines provides a complete end-to-end implementation of many of the most common EDI messages used in the Ocean Transportation industry.  Using industry-standard tools and current technologies, Horizon Lines is able to exchange data files with our customers & vendors essentially integrating our supply chain systems and increasing efficiency on our side & yours.

Horizon Lines currently supports both the transmission of outbound EDI files as well as the import of inbound files. Supported standards include ANSI X12 and EDIFACT. While the vast majority of our transactions are booking requests, booking confirmations (300 and 301, respectively) and operational and commercial equipment movements (322 and 315, respectively), Horizon Lines also supports the following message types:

EDI210 – Motor carrier freight details

214 – Transportation carrier shipment status

300 – Booking request

301 – Booking confirmation

304 – Shipping instructions

303 – Booking Cancellation

309 – Customs manifest

310 – Ocean Freight invoice

315 – Equipment status

322 – Operational equipment status

323 – Vessel Schedule

350 – Customs hold/release

353- Vessel Arrival

355 – US Customs acceptance rejection

404 – Rail carrier shipment info

410 – Rail carrier freight details

820 – Payment order

824 – Application advice

601 – Customs export information

997 – Functional acknowledgement

File Delivery

Horizon Lines delivers EDI files through a variety of communications protocols. File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is the most common, providing a solid and proven method for electronic data exchange. Using this method, customers may choose whether to pick up their files from the Horizon Lines FTP server or have their files transmitted directly to their server; likewise, users may transmit their outbound files to Horizon Lines, or simply place them on their server for pickup by Horizon Lines’ automated processes. Additionally, Horizon Lines also supports file transfer through SFTP (secure FTP) and VAN (Value Added Network). Finally, files may be encrypted prior to transmission using PGP or other encryption algorithms.

EDI Performance

Horizon Lines’ scalable EDI system permits the processing of large amounts of data via EDI for both inbound and outbound messages. Horizon Lines currently receives and processes approximately 15,000 EDI 322 (operational container status) messages daily and in turn transmit EDI 315 (container status) to our commercial partners in order to allow our commercial partners to have visibility to their containers. Currently, Horizon Lines transmits approximately 10,000 EDI 315 messages to one of our key customers monthly.

Horizon Lines currently exchanges EDI messages with over 70 customers.

If you would like more information about our EDI services, please reach out to your Horizon Lines Sales Representative.