Investor Relations

Overview & History

Horizon Lines, Inc. is one of the nation’s leading domestic ocean shipping companies and ocean cargo carrier serving the two noncontiguous domestic markets of Alaska and Hawaii from the continental United States. The company maintains a fleet of 11 fully Jones Act qualified vessels and operates four port terminals in Alaska and Hawaii. A trusted partner for many of the nation’s leading retailers, manufacturers and U.S. government agencies, Horizon Lines provides reliable transportation services that leverage its unique combination of ocean transportation and inland distribution capabilities to deliver goods that are vital to the prosperity of the markets it serves. The company is based in Charlotte, NC, and its stock trades on the over-the-counter market under the symbol “HRZL”.

Horizon Lines' long operating history dates back to 1956, when Sea-Land Service, Inc. pioneered the marine container shipping industry and established our business. Today, as a Jones Act vessel operator with one integrated organization serving Alaska and Hawaii, we are uniquely positioned to serve customers requiring comprehensive shipping and logistics services in more than one of these markets.

Our commitment to innovation and service has attracted a broad and diversified customer base. We ship a wide spectrum of consumer and industrial items used every day in our markets, ranging from foodstuffs to household goods and auto parts to building materials and various materials used in manufacturing. The cargos we ship are vital to the markets we serve, providing us with a stable base of demand for our shipping and logistics services.

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