Who We Are

Our people set us apart.

Behind each shipment is a team of dedicated Horizon Lines professionals who are all in the business of providing exceptional customer service.  These are just a few of our dedicated team members who are ready and waiting to assist you.

Our customer service teams are strategically positioned across the country to give our customers the highest level of support and guidance throughout the shipping process.  These associates are second to none and look forward to the opportunity to assist you with your transportation needs.

Al-Nisa Bailey
Service Delivery Specialist, Dallas Office

When Al-Nisa Bailey started working for Horizon Lines 16 years ago as a customer service representative, she was a bit apprehensive. The six week new-hire training course was her introduction to the transportation industry and it was a bit intimidating. Which is surprising considering Al-Nisa’s former employment was with the New Jersey Department of Corrections.

During her first week on the job she received a call from a woman whose church wanted to ship humanitarian aid overseas. The woman was overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start. It was Al-Nisa’s job to walk her through the entire shipment process. “By the end of the call, the woman was relieved and reassured. She told me, ‘Whatever you do, don’t leave this job. You’re gifted.’ My previous 6 weeks of training had immediately clicked in and I was able to execute perfectly.”

Her Customer Service position has led to roles as an Operations Coordinator, Problem & Resolution Team Member and her current position as a Service Delivery Specialist for Military and Manufacturing Segments. “My favorite part of the job is hearing the customers satisfaction on the other end of the line…especially the ‘newbies’ who have no experience with the shipping industry.” In her current role servicing the military and private citizen segment she says, “It’s an honor to serve the U.S. Armed Forces and our nation’s private citizens.”

Always There. Always Delivering.®

When asked what ‘Always There. Always Delivering.’ means to her, she says, “It’s a true partnership.” She enjoys getting to know a customer’s business and assuring them they are supported throughout the entire shipment lifecycle.   

Al-Nisa not only helps our customers, she helps the less fortunate. She recently traveled to Africa for a mission. She is also passionate about children, serving as a youth worker in her church. Al-Nisa loves family, friends, travel and adventure.


Look no further for the most knowledgeable and supportive sales team in the industry.  They are not just account managers ... they are true business partners who are always ready to help you solve your domestic transportation challenges.

Dwayne Fujitani
Strategic Account Director, Hawaii Region

Twenty-three year veteran of Horizon Lines and lifetime resident of Honolulu, Mr. Dwayne Fujitani is someone you should know professionally and personally.

Over the past 7 years, Dwayne has held the position of Strategic Account Director in the sales department. Being in sales allows him to learn something new every day and meet great people in the local business community. Prior to sales, Dwayne held positions as operations manager, yard supervisor, neighbor island administrator and equipment control team member.

His customers and co-workers would describe him as honest, knowledgeable and approachable. Dwayne chuckles a bit, saying, “Well, it depends on which Dwayne they met. If they met Operations Dwayne, they would describe him as high strung and gruff.” Thankfully, the transition from operations to sales has smoothed out the edges.

Always There. Always Delivering.®

Dwayne uses our motto literally. His customers and co-workers know they can reach him at any time, for any reason. “Since my first position with Horizon Lines, I’ve been committed to being ‘Always There. Always Delivering.’ It’s what I do every day…try to figure out how to make it work.”

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Dwayne is an active member of the community. He honors his father’s legacy through his Judo studio where he volunteers his time as an instructor. Many of the children that attend the studio are those of fellow co-workers, also kindly referred to as his Horizon Lines ohana. (In Hawaiian, ‘ohana’ means ‘family.’) The same Horizon Lines ohana that has taken care of him over the past 23 years during some of the more challenging times in his life.


When it's time to execute, our operational team members really shine.  Decades of experience has given these associates the knowledge they need to get your cargo from origin to destination as quickly and safely as possible. 

Mary J. Brown
Export Cargo Services Supervisor, Oakland

“Break it down, keep it light and give it to them honestly….preferably in song.” – Mary J. Brown

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of interacting with Mary J. Brown, you know what we’re talking about. Her joyful, lighthearted nature coupled with her beautiful singing voice has the ability to instantly set customer or co-worker at ease. Mary has spent the last 23 years at Horizon Lines in the Cargo Services department, her most current role being Supervisor. With her experience comes confidence and a true passion for her work.

Mary thrives in the fast paced, high stakes environment at the Port of Oakland. Her daily interactions with the US Coast Guard, truckers, dispatchers and vessel planners ensure there is never a dull moment. She faces every challenge as an opportunity for improvement. “At the end of the day,” Mary says, “I just want to be an asset to Horizon Lines.”

Always There. Always Delivering.®

For Mary, this means distinguishing ourselves from the competition through impeccable customer service. She does this by educating our customers and setting realistic expectations in advance. By being honest and making it right. She believes that’s why customers come back, because we’re honest.

When she’s not at the Port of Oakland, you’ll find Mary singing. She is an avid singer at her church and even freelances for weddings and special events. If she’s not singing, she’s spending time with her close knit family sharing a laugh and a smile.